Coaching & Mentoring For the Everyday Leader & Influencer. 

In a world of significant information overload and misinformation, the average every day leader & influencer is just trying to figure out the right thing to do and then develop a strategy to do it. Wisdom For Life Coaching will provide the resources, community, and training that has been proven and can be trusted. 

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Who's Your Coach?

Christopher J Harris, a native of Palatka, FL, is the Executive Pastor / COO at Crossover Church in Tampa, FL. With a mission to inspire everyday people to live wise lives, he's also the Founder/CEO of, curator for Wisdom For Life Movement, a leader with Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship, a podcaster (The Wise Idea Podcast), multi-book author, and personal and organizational consultant. He shares his life mission with his wife and four children. Together, he and his wife lead a marriage initiative that is inspiring husbands and wives all over the world. As a lifelong learner he has a combination of degrees from five different higher education institutions, including Florida State University, University of South Carolina, Princeton Theological Seminary, Nova Southeastern University, and University of South Florida. His commitment to the Kingdom of God and to hungry people and their transformation can be seen on multiple platforms, at events where he speaks, and gatherings he hosts.

His life mission is “to inspire everyday people to live wise lives.”

Coaching Program Component #1: Executive-Level Coaching & Training

Imagine what your life will look like when you receive Executive-Level Coaching that incorporates your faith and culture? Wisdom For Life will do just that.



Coaching Program Component #2: Discovering Purpose & Navigating Transition

Knowing who you are and your life purpose is one of the critical pieces to your overall development, growth, and success. Through a proven process of discovery, Wisdom For Life Coaches will take you along the journey of inspiration.

Coaching Program Component #3: Connected to Like-Minded Professionals, Leaders, & Influencers

It's hard to find a tribe that just "get's it!" This Coaching community does. You will be able to bring your full self to this tribe and engage in innovative think tanks and community that will change your life for ever.

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