Marriage is a full-time endeavor.

Although we live in a culture that loves love and at the same time embraces divorce, marriages require a lot for them to work. And yet, we are convinced that marriage works when you work it. In fact, we are convinced that thriving, healthy, and happy marriages are possible and realistic...but no couple arrives there on accident. Full-Time Marriage Coaching Community will empower you with the community, content, conversations, and coaching that you need to move your marriage to a healthier and happier place. 

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Many marriages struggle alone. Full-Time Marriage Community will offer a place for connection and healthy community with likeminded husbands and wives.

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It can be difficult to find wisdom-filled, balanced, spiritually sound, healthy conversations for couples who are trying to get it right. Full-Time Marriage is a place for those conversations.

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What is a healthy marriage without powerful tools to use to get better? Full-Time Marriage Community will offer practical, relevant tools to implement and improve your marriage.

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Many husbands and wives long for a Coach that "gets it". Having been married for more than 2 decades and armed with corresponding credentials, the Harris' bring solid wisdom to the conversation. 

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Your Coaches: Christopher & Carmen Harris

Even with mentors, faith, and pre-marital counseling, the Harris' figured out very quickly that marriage isn't for the faint of heart. Now after over two decades of marriage, degrees, certifications, children, ministry, and businesses, the Harris have continuously found a way to pour into other couples to ensure that their marriage can serve as a resource to empower and inspire others. The Full-Time Marriage Community is one of those efforts.

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What Others Are Saying:

"I/we still carry your words of wisdom through our journey as a married couple. Forever grateful for the counsel."- Alexander & Andrea Martin

"Pastor Harris was a pivotal point in our Pre-Marital...and an amazing source of wisdom and strength in our relationship at every stage of our marriage...even just telling us the authentic truth in where we are..." - Deaunte & Kathryn Ferrell

"After being married for 4yrs, we remain mentored by The Harris'...with continued success. We appreciate their knowledge and guidance on our journey to a long and successful marriage!"-Chris & Kirsten Mentor 

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